Thierry Rosset, in memoriam

I received very sad news  at the end of 2012. Thierry Rosset, who is well known to many Bay Area printmakers, passed away peacefully in Normandy, France where he had spent his summers as a boy and where he had a house by the sea. Thierry and his wife Martine, who is also a painter, lived in San Francisco after retiring  from the  a very interesting life in the french foreign service.


Thierry’s recent exhibition “Chemins de Traverse”, Notre Dame de PortBail, Normandy

I was a big fan of Thierry’s relief prints long before I met him, as he exhibited widely in the Bay Area as well as donating work to many auctions, and we both often cropped up in many of the same shows. When I did eventually meet him, I thought he was completely lovely and we hit it off immediately . I would like to take some credit for teaching him  how to schmooze, which he did with great enthusiasm and panache, putting the rest of us to shame. You can find a Blurb book of Thierry’s work here.

23986.mOne of the things I always really admired about Thierry and Martine, was that they turned up to everything, making the effort to support their fellow artists even in the worst weather conditions. I was lucky enough to do an exchange with Thierry  and now have two of his  beautiful prints.

Thierry had reached  a ripe old age and had, by all accounts a very interesting and varied life, and none of us can wish for more than that can we? I will miss the banter of a true gent.


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3 Responses to Thierry Rosset, in memoriam

  1. diane olivier says:

    Oh I was so shocked to read this but comforted to know he was in his home by the sea. He will be sorely missed. An elegant warm man.

  2. Joe Ramos says:

    I spent many hours with Thierry at printmaking classes at Fort Mason and as Diane Olivier wrote, “he was a truly elegant and warm man.” I vividly recall his heavy French accented voice making comments at our class critiques. He was always friendly and genuinely interested in what you had to say and he really looked at your prints.

  3. Yvette says:

    A great loss, not only for the art world, but for all of us.

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